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館内でインターネットは使えますか? Can I use the internet at the hotel?


Yes, Wi-Fi is available for free. Upon check-in, you will receive your ID and password at the front desk.

お風呂やラウンジなど館内の移動は、館内着のままでもいいですか? Can I go to the lounge, public baths wearing the room wear?


Yes, please use the slippers prepared in your amenity bag.

チェックアウト・チェックインの時間は何時ですか? What is the check-out, check-in time?


You can check out until 10 am. Check-in is from 4 pm to 12am.

お風呂はどこにありますか? Where is the bath?


There is a large public bath on the 10th floor.
We have a large public bath for men with a sauna and a public bath for women with a make-up booth.

お風呂は、何時から何時まで入れますか? From what time can I use the public baths?


The public baths are available from 4 pm am to 2 am and from 6:30 am to 9:30 am.
The men's sauna is also available from 4pm to 2 am.

タオルはありますか? Are there towels?


There is a set of towels in the room.
For capsule rooms customers, they can be find in your locker. Additional towels are available at an additional cost.
Please come to the front desk.

客室のアメニティは何がありますか。 What amenities are in the rooms?


A face towel, a towel, a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, a brush, a room wear and disposable slippers are available in the room.

カプセルルームのアメニティーは何がありますか? What amenities do I have in my capsule room ?


A face towel, a bath towel, a toothbrush and slippers are available in your locker.
In the bathrooms shampoo, body soap, shaving, hair tonic, shave lotion and a hair dryer are available for men.
In the bathrooms shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cleansing, lotion, latex and a hair dryer are available for women.

空調の調節はどうすればいいですか? How do I adjust the air conditioning?


Guests staying on the 3rd and 4th floors have control remotes in their rooms.
The air conditioning on the capsule floors (5.6th floor), dormitory floor (7th floor) and compact single/double floors (8th and 9th floors) are managed by floors.
If you need any adjustments please contact the close-by staff.

事前に小包やスーツケースを宅配便で送ることができますか? Can I send parcels and suitcases in advance?



Yes. Please send it to the following address.
1-10-3 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0083
Hotel Morning Box Osaka Shinsaibashi
"Customer Name/Check-in Date"

Please read the following precautions before sending them.
Please specify the arrival date of your baggage as the check-in date.
Please contact in advance.
If it arrives before your check-in date, you will be charged 500 yen a day before your arrival.
We do not accept payments on check in date.
We do not offer a service to deliver your luggage to your room.
We will receive and store it at the front desk.

年齢制限はありますか? Is there an age limit?


Guests under 12 years old are not allowed to stay at the hotel. Please note that guests between 13 and 15 years old have to be accompanied by a parent of the same sex.
Please note that guests between 16 and 18 years old will be required to have a parent's consent form in order to stay at the hotel.
You can download the agreement here.

チェックアウトした後に荷物を預かってもらえますか? Can you keep my luggage after checking out?


Yes, we can keep it until 6 a clock in the evening.

男性スタッフが女性専用フロアを巡回等することはありますか? Do men staff are allowed on the women only floors ?


Usually men staff are not allowed on women only floors.
They can be allowed on the floor for emergencies.

喫煙できますか? Can I smoke?


Yes, there is a smoking room available on the second floor.
All of the rooms are non-smoking.

ホテルに駐車場はありますか? Is there a parking lot at the hotel?


There is no parking lot. Please use the nearby parking lot.

マッサージはありますか? Is there a massage at the hotel?


There is no massage at the hotel.