To maintain the public nature of our hotel and the safety of guests, guests using our hotel are requested to abide by the following rules that are integrated with the accommodation terms and conditions of Japanese version.


1. Regarding use of guest rooms

  1. It is prohibited to use the room in excess of the number of people reserved.
  2. If you stay in excess of the number of people booked without notice, you will be charged for the excess usage.
  3. The use of non-standard electrical appliances such as firearms and candles for heating and cooking is prohibited. Please do not use any fire, iron, etc. in our Hotel unless furnished or loaned.
  4. Please do not smoke or e-cigarettes except in the smoking room on the second floor. It is prohibited to light a fire or burn incense inside the room.
  5. Please do not use hair dye or bleach in the shower room or sink.
  6. Please do not post photographs, posters, or other items that detract from the appearance of the hotel.
  7. Please do not use the site for any purpose other than accommodation.
  8. Please do not meet with your visitors in your guest room.

2. Regarding use of the facility

Please do not make such noise or engage in such noisy activities, etc. as would cause nuisance to other guests.

3. Regarding accommodation for Minors

  1. Please note that guests under the age of 12 cannot be accommodated alone. However, if you are staying with a guardian of the same gender only in the family room, guests under the age of 12 can stay.
  2. Guests between the ages of 15 and 18 are not allowed to stay without a parental consent at check-in. Guests between the ages of 13 and 15 cannot be accommodated without a parent or guardian of the same gender.

4. Rules of use of the public baths

  1. The public baths are available only to guests who are staying.
  2. Guests are strictly prohibited from engaging in any activity that would cause nuisance to other guests or that would disturb public morals in the public baths.
  3. Any photographing, videotaping or sound recording or use of any electronic device is prohibited in the public baths.
  4. For cleaning and security reasons, the public baths are not available outside the service hours.
  5. Dying hair , bleach, etc., and the scrubbing of the body in the change room or bathroom is strictly prohibited.
  6. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian of the same gender.

5. No smoking in the whole building

Smoking is prohibited in the entire hotel, except for the smoking room on the second floor. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms. If smoking is found in the room, a cleaning fee of 30,000 yen will be charged separately from the accommodation fee.

6. Lost room key

If you lose your guest room key, we will charge you the full cost of the replacement work.

7. Movement of equipment, etc.

Please do not move any of the facilities, books, items, etc. within our Hotel to any other place or otherwise change the current conditions of our Hotel.

8. About bringing your own equipment

Please do not bring any of the following items into our Hotel:
Any firearms or swords. / Any highly flammable or ignitable item, explosive item, oil or any other hazardous item. / Animals or other pets. / Anything with an extremely offensive odor. / Extremely large or heavy items. / Stimulants, narcotics, and other drugs that are prohibited by law. / Garbage and items that interfere with the hygiene of the guest room. / Other items that the hotel prohibits from being brought into the guest room.

9. Prohibite

The following acts are strictly prohibited in the hotel.

  1. Please do not engage in gambling or any other activity that would disturb public morals.
  2. Please do not distribute or post any advertising materials or solicitation, sell any items or engage in any other similar activity without the permission of our Hotel.
  3. Entry into non-guest facilities.
  4. Leaving personal belongings outside of the guest room.
  5. Any other acts that interfere with the safety and hygiene of the hotel.
  6. We do not accept the resale of accommodation charges, food and beverage charges, or other facility usage fees.

10. Regarding custody of the baggage

  1. We will keep your luggage for free of charge from the check-in date to 18 p.m. on the check-out date.
  2. Cash, valuables, and fragile items cannot be kept at the hotel.

11. Regarding management of your valuables

All guests shall use the Facilities at their own risk and during your stay at the Hotel, you are responsible for taking care of your valuables, and the Hotel is not responsible for any injury, theft or loss of personal belongings, or collisions between guests.

12. Lost and Found

Unless specifically designated, we will keep lost and found items or deposited items for up to 7days from the check-out date.

13. Damage loss

In the case that our Hotel has suffered damage (which refers to but is not limited to costs of repair of facilities, lost sales opportunities, reimbursement for damage or loss of equipment etc.) due to the guest’s breach of the terms of service, etc., the guest shall be obligated to compensate our Hotel for such damage.

14. Regaring disaster prevention information

The hotel is fully equipped with disaster prevention equipment in case of emergencies such as fires and earthquakes. In addition, in order to ensure the safety of our customers, we conduct regular disaster drills to ensure the safety of our customers.

  1. When you arrive at your room,
    (1)please check the location of the emergency exits and evacuation route maps posted in each room on each floor.
  2. If a fire occurs or is found,
    (1)please contact the front desk.
    (2)Shout loudly or make a sound to let people nearby know.
    (3)Emergency bells and emergency broadcasts indicate the occurrence of fires and evacuation instructions. Please follow the guidance of the staff and evacuate calmly and quickly by the emergency staircase.
  3. When evacuating
    (1)Evacuate as soon as possible without being particular about your clothes or belongings.
    (2)Never use the elevator when evacuating.
    (3)If there is smoke, lower your posture and evacuate in a direction where there is less smoke.
    (4)Do not open the windows fully except in an emergency.
  4. If an earthquake occurs,
    (1)Please act calmly according to the emergency broadcast or the instructions of the staff.
    (2)Never use the elevator.
    (3)Be careful not to fall over furniture, etc., and protect your head before evacuating.

15. Where there is a risk of anti-social forces

When the guest is a designated organized crime group or a designated organized crime group member, etc. or a person involved in any of the above, or any other antisocial force, our hotel does not accept the conclusion of the accommodation contract. If this fact is found after making a reservation or during stay, we will cancel the accommodation contract at that time.

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