Located slightly away from the bustling streets of
Osaka, in Higashi Shinsaibashi.
As you pass through the entrance,
you are greeted by greenery and warm lighting.
Spend time watching people bustling through
the streets while enjoying the morning sunlight,
dappled through the trees, and
savoring a delicious breakfast.
It’s the start of a wonderful day.




A place that makes you want to come back, serving as a second home in Osaka. A hotel where you can enjoy a wonderful morning no matter when you stay.
We cherish hospitality that helps you enjoy your stay in Osaka and ensures that you feel comfortable and relaxed like you would in your own home with our HOTEL MORNING BOX.



About Hotel

HOTEL MORNING BOX is a local hotel located east of Osaka Shinsaibashi.
It was built in 1985 and has been popular in this area for a long time. It was renovated to its current appearance in 2019.
The old part of the hotel still remains, but we hope you will love its inconvenience as a flow of Japanese historical time.
In order to make your stay in Osaka more fulfilling, we are waiting for you to gather enjoyable information on Osaka that changes day by day.


Feel the Osaka local

We have prepared various attractions to help guests feel the charms of Osaka during stay at our hotel. One aspect is the FOOD we offer. We strive to use vegetables and fruits from local farmers near Osaka to deliver seasonal delicacies and support farmers growing pesticide-free vegetables.

Additionally, at Café MORNING BOX, located within the hotel, we serve specialty coffee primarily from “Takamura Roastery”, a roastery in Osaka. We also have special sweets that incorporate traditional Japanese ingredients, including vegan and gluten-free options, with unique recipes that can only be found here. Furthermore, we even feature craft beers brewed in Osaka for guests to try.

Encounter with culture and art

We continuously gather information to ensure our guests can fully enjoy the rich comedy, art, culture, and culinary scene that Osaka has to offer. Feel free to use the gourmet map created by our staff, which highlights the best dining spots near the hotel.
On the 1st floor lobby, we sell records selected by the music-savvy FLAKE RECORD store in Minami Horie, which is deeply connected to Osaka’s music scene.
We also provide unique plans and activities that allow guests to experience the vibrant and distinctive side of Osaka.



A future connected to Japanese tradition

Our roots lie in being a manufacturer of traditional Japanese food using Yoshino honkuzu, a rare ingredient found in only a few companies worldwide.
While traditional Japanese culture is invaluable, it is often overshadowed by convenient and inexpensive alternatives in today’s society, leading to fewer opportunities to encounter its true essence.
Here, at this hotel, we aim to create an environment where guests can experience the traditional cuisine and unique craftsmanship that can only be found in the local area. We are committed to becoming a place where you can enjoy your visit to Osaka every time you stay with us.

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